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Perl XMPP client for controlling Symon Netbrite II LED signs
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Perl library for controlling Symon Netbrite II LED signs via XMPP.


At SkullSpace, we like to take our flashing lights on the road with us when we do events. XMPP lets us talk to the sign server wherever it might be, without having to worry about port forwarding rules. Built in persistence handling and message queuing came as added bonuses.


Install required dependencies (todo: Build list of dependencies) and configure app.ini with the address of your NetBrite sign. You will also need to enter the credentials for the Jabber account you wish to use for the sign.

Talking to the sign

Simply use your favourite jabber client to send a message to the sign's jabber account! The sign will give your message 10 seconds to display before yielding to the next person's message.

Formatting Text

  • {scrollon} - Enables scrolling for the message
  • (scrolloff} - The following message will not scroll
  • {red}{green}{yellow} - The following text will be coloured according to these tags.
  • {blinkon} - The message will blink annoyingly
  • {blinkoff} - The message will stop blinking
  • {left}{center}{right} - Set the text alignment
  • {font fontname} - Change the font


  • monospace_7
  • monospace_16
  • monospace_24
  • proportional_7
  • proportional_5
  • proportional_9
  • proportional_11
  • bold_proportional_7
  • bold_proportional_11
  • script_16
  • picture_24


Special thanks to for converting much of the sign's interface to Perl. The initial reverse engineering effort was started by the good person at Direct any donations their way.

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