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Skully Framework is an MVC framework focusing mainly on a better separation of directories for collaborative work between web programmer and web designer.

It is a simple php framework you could use as a skeleton for any php project, hence the name Skully.

With Skully Framework you may give access to just the public directory to web designers, and complete access to the project's main programmers. Ideally This system would allow you to work remotely with multiple team members.


  1. RedBeanPHP as its ORM.
  2. Javascript compressing tool.
  3. Sass / Scss
  4. Templating system supported by Smarty. Templates are also completely separated from rest of the project's code. This allows for work division between client and server developers.
  5. Ruckusing for database schema.

Skully project aims to teach its adapters best practices in PHP programming, and programming in general as adapters use it in their projects. We are a big fan of project PHP The Right Way so we built a framework around the concepts written there.

This framework uses RedbeanPHP as its ORM and Smarty as its templating engine.

What's So Good About Skully?

  • We at Trio Digital Agency use Skully framework on all of our client projects, so you can expect a continuous development.
  • One thing we particularly enjoy in using Skully is its separation of responsibilities: We can share a project's /public directory to our remote web developers and they can start doing their magic, while our in-house developers build its structure and back-end system.
  • It is a compilation of best practices in software development. The structure of this framework fully supports Test Driven Development! There is no global variables or functions (except convenience methods that are insignificant), and it has been used again and again in TDD projects.
  • Easy to use command line tools (we use the symfony Command plugin for this), and additional tools you can add as you go. Examples below.
  • Database migration, a great feature from Rails, is integrated with the help of Ruckusing module (which we tinkered with a bit).
  • We think this is the best feature Skully offers: Clean integration with our favourite IDE: PHP Storm. Do you remember the days when you have to do find-from-all to find out where a class / method is inherited from? That days are long gone with Skully on PHP Storm.
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