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How to Create a PDF

The Cloud Foundry Docs are written in MultiMarkdown (MMD). If you want to install the MultiMarkdown tools, you can read about that here: MultiMarkdown

To create a PDF from a MMD document you need both MultiMarkdown and LaTeX on your system. You can read about how to do this here: LaTeX Home Page

If you are on a Mac, It is recommended that you install MultiMarkdown Composer from the Apple App Store, but any text editor will do.

You can create a nicely formatted PDF like this…

  1. Download John Fletcher's MMD Latex Support files here
  2. Install them here ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/mmd or on Unix here: ~/texmf/tex/latex/mmd
  3. Edit the mmd-article-begin-doc.tex file with:

    \author{© \myauthor}
    \date{\relax}%TeX note: relax: null
  4. At the top of your MMD document, create metadata such as:

    latex input:    mmd-article-header
    Title:  Cloud Foundry Technical Overview 
    Author: VMware 2012 - Cloud Foundry
    Base Header Level:  2  
    LaTeX Mode: memoir  
    latex input:        mmd-article-begin-doc
    latex footer:       mmd-memoir-footer
  5. You can create a PDF from Markdown using the instructions on John Fletcher's site - or you can use MultiMarkdown Composer to Export to LaTeX, and then generate a PDF from there.