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// QSObjectActions.m
// Quicksilver
// Created by Alcor on 7/26/04.
// Copyright 2004 Blacktree. All rights reserved.
#import "QSObjectActions.h"
#import "QSObject_StringHandling.h"
#import "QSObject_FileHandling.h"
#import "QSMnemonics.h"
#import "QSInterfaceController.h"
#import "QSController.h"
#import "QSProxyObject.h"
#import "QSObject_Menus.h"
#import "QSCatalogPrefPane.h"
# define kQSObjectSearchChildrenAction @"QSObjectSearchChildrenAction"
# define kQSObjectShowChildrenAction @"QSObjectShowChildrenAction"
# define kQSObjectShowSourceAction @"QSObjectShowSourceAction"
# define kQSObjectOmitAction @"QSObjectOmitAction"
# define kQSObjectAssignLabelAction @"QSObjectAssignLabelAction"
#import "QSTextProxy.h"
#import "QSWindowAnimation.h"
@implementation QSObjectActions
- (NSArray *)validActionsForDirectObject:(QSObject *)dObject indirectObject:(QSObject *)iObject {
NSMutableArray *newActions = [NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:1];
if ([dObject hasChildren]) {
[newActions addObject:kQSObjectSearchChildrenAction];
[newActions addObject:kQSObjectShowChildrenAction];
if ([[QSLibrarian sharedInstance] firstEntryContainingObject:dObject])
[newActions addObject:kQSObjectShowSourceAction];
return newActions;
- (QSObject *)selectObjectInCommandWindow:(QSObject *)dObject {
QSInterfaceController *controller = [(QSController *)[NSApp delegate] interfaceController];
[controller selectObject:[dObject resolvedObject]];
[controller actionActivate:self];
return nil;
- (QSObject *)searchChildren:(QSObject *)dObject {
QSInterfaceController *controller = [(QSController *)[NSApp delegate] interfaceController];
[controller searchArray:(NSMutableArray *)[[dObject resolvedObject] children]];
return nil;
- (QSObject *)showChildren:(QSObject *)dObject {
QSInterfaceController *controller = [(QSController *)[NSApp delegate] interfaceController];
[controller showArray:(NSMutableArray *)[[dObject resolvedObject] children]];
return nil;
- (QSObject *)setObjectMnemonic:(QSObject *)dObject string:(QSObject *)iObject {
[[QSMnemonics sharedInstance] addObjectMnemonic:[iObject stringValue] forID:[dObject identifier]];
[dObject updateMnemonics];
return nil;
- (QSObject *)findObjectInCatalog:(QSObject *)dObject {
QSCatalogEntry *theEntry = [[QSLibrarian sharedInstance] firstEntryContainingObject:dObject];
[NSClassFromString(@"QSCatalogPrefPane") performSelectorOnMainThread:@selector(showEntryInCatalog:) withObject:theEntry waitUntilDone:NO];
return nil;
- (NSWindow *)windowForObject:(QSObject *)object atPoint:(NSPoint)loc {
NSWindow *window = [[NSWindow alloc] initWithContentRect:NSMakeRect(loc.x, loc.y, 1, 1) styleMask:NSBorderlessWindowMask backing: NSBackingStoreBuffered defer:NO];
[window orderFront:nil];
[window setReleasedWhenClosed:YES];
return window;
- (NSWindow *)showMenu:(NSMenu *)menu forObject:(QSObject *)object {
NSPoint loc = [NSEvent mouseLocation];
NSWindow *window = nil;
window = [self windowForObject:object atPoint:loc];
if (!window) return nil;
NSView * cView = [window contentView];
NSEvent *theEvent = [NSEvent mouseEventWithType:NSRightMouseDown
location:NSMakePoint(1, 1)
windowNumber:[window windowNumber]
[window setAlphaValue:0.5 fadeTime:0.1];
[NSMenu popUpContextMenu:menu withEvent:theEvent forView:cView withFont:[NSFont systemFontOfSize:11]];
//[window orderOut:nil];
[window setAlphaValue:0.0 fadeTime:0.3];
return nil;
- (QSObject *)showChildMenu:(QSObject *)dObject {
[self showMenu:[[dObject resolvedObject] childrenMenu] forObject:dObject];
return nil;
- (QSObject *)showMenu:(QSObject *)dObject {
[self showMenu:[[dObject resolvedObject] fullMenu] forObject:dObject];
return nil;
- (QSObject *)showActionMenu:(QSObject *)dObject {
[self showMenu:[[dObject resolvedObject] actionsMenu] forObject:dObject];
return nil;
- (QSObject *)saveObject:(QSObject *)dObject toDirectory:(QSObject *)iObject {
dObject = [dObject resolvedObject];
id handler = [dObject handler];
NSData *data = nil;
NSString *filename = nil;
if ([handler respondsToSelector:@selector(fileRepresentationForObject:)])
data = [handler fileRepresentationForObject:dObject];
if ([handler respondsToSelector:@selector(filenameForObject:)])
filename = [handler filenameForObject:dObject];
if (!filename) filename = [dObject displayName];
if ([filename length] > 200) {
filename = [filename substringToIndex:200];
NSString *savePath = nil;
// attempt to get a path for the file from the iObject
if (iObject) {
savePath = [iObject singleFilePath];
NSFileManager *fm = [[NSFileManager alloc] init];
if ([fm fileExistsAtPath:savePath]) {
savePath = [savePath stringByAppendingPathComponent:filename];
} else {
savePath = nil;
[fm release];
// If there is no iObject or the iObject path doesn't exist, ask the user for a path
if (!savePath) {
[NSApp activateIgnoringOtherApps:YES];
NSSavePanel *savePanel = [NSSavePanel savePanel];
[savePanel setRepresentedFilename:filename];
[savePanel setPrompt:@"Create"];
[savePanel setTitle:@"Choose a file name and location to save the file"];
[savePanel setCanCreateDirectories:YES];
[savePanel setAllowedFileTypes:[NSArray arrayWithObject:[filename pathExtension]]];
[savePanel runModal];
if ([savePanel URL]) {
savePath = [[savePanel URL] path];
// No filename, beep and return the original object
if(!savePath) {
return dObject;
[data writeToFile:savePath atomically:NO];
return [QSObject fileObjectWithPath:savePath];
- (NSArray *)validIndirectObjectsForAction:(NSString *)action directObject:(QSObject *)dObject {
if ([action isEqualToString:@"QSCreateFileAction"]) {
return nil;
} else {
QSObject *textObject = [QSObject textProxyObjectWithDefaultValue:@""];
return [NSArray arrayWithObject:textObject]; //[[QSLibrarian sharedInstance]arrayForType:NSFilenamesPboardType];
- (void)closeWindow:(NSTimer *)timer {
NSWindow *window = [timer userInfo];
[window setAlphaValue:0.0 fadeTime:0.3];
[window close];
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