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A simple search plugin for Neos
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This plugin is just a very bare-bones basis for a Search-Plugin, to be used together with Flowpack.ElasticSearch.ContentRepositoryAdaptor or Flowpack.SimpleSearch.ContentRepositoryAdaptor.


Make sure to include the Routes from this package into your main Configuration/Routes.yaml by the following snippet:

  name: 'Flowpack.SearchPlugin'
  uriPattern: '<SearchSubroutes>'
      package: 'Flowpack.SearchPlugin'



The pagination search results can be configured via TypoScript. The following shows the defaults:

prototype(Flowpack.SearchPlugin:Search).configuration {
    itemsPerPage = 25
    insertAbove = ${false}
    insertBelow = ${true}
    maximumNumberOfLinks = 10

Custom result rendering

The result list is rendered using a TypoScript object of type nodeType + 'SearchResult' for each hit. Thus you can easily adjust the rendering per type like this for an imaginary Acme.AcmeCom:Product nodetype:

prototype(Acme.AcmeCom:ProductSearchResult) < prototype(TYPO3.Neos:DocumentSearchResult) {
    templatePath = 'resource://Acme.AcmeCom/Private/Templates/SearchResult/ProductSearchResult.html'

Feel free to use the DocumentSearchResult.html in the Flowpack.SearchPlugin as an example.

Search suggestions

The default search form template comes with a data-autocomplete-source attribute pointing to the SuggestController of this package. Fed with a term parameter via a GET request, it returns a JSON-encoded array of suggestions from Elasticsearch. These are fetched with a term suggester from the _all field, i.e. "the fulltext index".

These can be used to provide autocompletion on the search input using a JS library of your choice. In case you need to build the URI to the suggest controller yourself, this is what the form uses:

{f:uri.action(action: 'index', controller: 'Suggest', package: 'Flowpack.SearchPlugin', format: 'json', absolute: 1)}

AJAX search

The plugin comes with a controller that can be reached like this per default, using GET:

{f:uri.action(action: 'index', controller: 'AjaxSearch', package: 'Flowpack.SearchPlugin', absolute: 1)}

It expects the search term as a parameter named q (as defined in AjaxSearch.ts2). This controller renders the search results and returns them as HTML without any of the page template. It can therefore be used to request search results via AJAX and display the result by adding it to the DOM as needed.

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