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#1 Working version with maven retrieved alfresco

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commit d898e6e78e3df7d75cb01764cc1ddc7273cf4d86 1 parent 8782cf8
@skuro authored
Showing with 22 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +22 −4 src/leiningen/amp/deploy.clj
26 src/leiningen/amp/deploy.clj
@@ -89,22 +89,40 @@
(main/abort "No target WAR was found. Did you set :amp-target-war in your project.clj?")
(find-one amp-target-war files))))
-(defn- copy-war
- "Copies the WAR file where to install the AMP into a working location"
+(defn- reference-war
+ "Creates and validates a path to a target WAR file"
+ [loc]
+ (let [file (io/file loc)]
+ (if (not (.exists ^ file))
+ (main/abort "The specified WAR file does not exist")
+ file)))
+(defn- dependency-war
+ "Creates and validates a target WAR file specified as a project dependency"
[{:keys [amp-target-war] :as project}]
(let [dependency (find-dependency project)
temp-war (io/file (:target-path project) (dep-to-filename amp-target-war))]
(io/copy dependency temp-war)
+(defn- locate-war
+ "Locates the WAR file to deploy to. The WAR can be specified as the argument,
+ or as a dependency in the project at the entry :amp-target-war"
+ [{:keys [amp-target-war] :as project} args]
+ (if-let [target-war (first args)]
+ (reference-war target-war)
+ (dependency-war project)))
(defn- install!
"Uses the Alfresco MMT to install the AMP into the target WAR"
[amp war]
(ModuleManagementTool/main (into-array String ["install" (.toString amp) (.toString war)])))
(defn deploy-amp!
- "Installs the generated AMP into the specified WAR"
+ "Installs the generated AMP into the specified WAR. If the target WAR is not
+ specified as an argument, it is retrieved from the project at the
+ :amp-target-war"
[project args]
(let [amp (locate-amp project)
- war (copy-war project)]
+ war (locate-war project) args]
(install! amp war)))

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