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(ns leiningen.misaki
(:use [misaki server config])
(:require [gh-file-reader.core :as gh]
[text-decoration.core :as td]
[leiningen.misaki.github :as github]))
(defn get-current-directory []
(-> "."
(defn misaki-new
"Generate a new Misaki project"
(misaki-new project-name "default"))
([project-name template-name]
(str "Generating a misaki project called " project-name
" based on the '" template-name "' template."))
; download template
(if-not (gh/download
(gh/read-content "liquidz" "misaki-showcase"
(str "/templates/" template-name "/files"))
(println (td/red (str "Template '" template-name "' is not found"))))))
(defn ^:no-project-needed misaki
"Compiles your Misaki sources and starts a local server"
[project & args]
(case (first args)
"new" (apply misaki-new (rest args))
"listen" (apply github/listen (rest args))
(apply -main (get-current-directory) args)))
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