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org4idea: edit org-mode files from IntelliJ



This plugin provides basic editing support for org-mode files in IntelliJ. At the moment, only support for syntax highlight of comments and outlines is provided.

DISCLAIMER: org4idea is still in its /inception / pre-alpha / here-be-dragons phase. Use at your own risk.

Status and planned features

Basic Editing

These feature only requires some Intellij customisation of the plugin, and basic lexing rules

  • [X] spellchecking
  • [X] active live template
  • [X] Keywords/blocks highlight
  • [X] Comments
  • [X] bold, slant, code highlight

Structure aware features

The following feature will require some working grammar and a parser to be really supported.

  • [X] proper file parsing
  • [X] folding (only for drawers and blocks)
  • [X] folding (for outlines)
  • [X] hotkey to insert new outline (ctrl alt meta enter)
  • [ ] tagging


  • [ ] create new org file
  • [ ] capture like actions
  • [ ] Link support
  • [ ] Export and html preview (relying on a background emacs)
  • [ ] the one you might suggest or implement
  • [ ] Line marker


Project author
Carlo Sciolla
Adriean Khisbe


All files in this repository except OrgMode logos are released under the MIT License.