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@@ -166,11 +166,11 @@ long run.
![Myth confirmed][myth]
-[catplus]: img/post/catplus.png "Concatenation with plus"
-[catsb]: img/post/catsb.png "Concatenation with StringBuilder"
-[catsb2]: img/post/catsb2.png "Concatenation with initalized StringBuilder"
+[catplus]: /img/post/catplus.png "Concatenation with plus"
+[catsb]: /img/post/catsb.png "Concatenation with StringBuilder"
+[catsb2]: /img/post/catsb2.png "Concatenation with initalized StringBuilder"
-[myth]: img/post/myth-confirmed.jpg
+[myth]: /img/post/myth-confirmed.jpg

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