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New post on maintenance release of h2 + maven

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+title: H2 support 1.1.1 for Alfresco 3.4.12 Enterprise
+layout: post
+primary_img: /img/post/h2piechart_2.png
+categories: [alfresco, h2support, maven, sonatype]
+meta-description: The maintenance version 1.1.1 of Alfresco H2 support module now supports Alfresco Enterprise 3.4.12
+Just a quick update on the [H2 support](
+project, today I released the `1.1.1` maintenance version which targets
+Alfresco v3.4.12 Enterprise.
+Please make sure you always double check the [official documentation](
+to pick and choose the right version to use in your Alfresco project.
+H2 and Maven
+For ~~the sane~~ those among you that use the [Maven SDK](,
+you should know that `H2 support` is used to quickly boot the Alfresco repository
+webapp during your development cycles.
+If you're using a version of Alfresco other than the default 4.x that's assumed
+by the SDK, you must also adapt your H2 support version to be able to start up
+Alfresco. It's as easy as overriding the following maven property:
+ <h2-support.version>1.1.1</h2-support.version>
+Happy development!
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