Clojure script processor for the Spring Surf extension
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Clojure script processor for Spring Surf

Spring Surf is a view composition framework for Spring MVC that plugs into your existing Spring applications. It provides a scriptable and content-centric approach to building web applications.

This extension provides a Clojure script processor that makes it possible to implement Clojure controllers for your Spring Surf web scripts.



In order to bootstrap the Clojure script processor you just:

<import resource="classpath:org/springframework/extensions/clj/webscripts/clojure-webscripts-context.xml" />`

in your application context.

Your clojure web scripts must return an instance of a concrete WebScript implementation. Its run method will be executed by the processor and the result passed to the view processor. Look at the test webscripts if your're looking for an example or a starting point.

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