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  • Support for running zeus commands for rspec (zl and zr)
  • Ctrl-x and Ctrl-z to navigate the quickfix list


  • Change Cmd-Space to Ctrl-Space for vim autocomplete so it doesn't conflict with osx spotlight by default, and so there are no additional steps to install.


  • Replace Git Grep with Ag and remove unused plugins
  • Sneak: hit Space and type two letters to quickly jump somewhere
  • Added Ctrl-R, reverse history search for :commands
  • Remove ;; semicolon mapping. Messes with regular semicolon usage (find next char)
  • Change to Lightline instead of Airline [Fix #418]

Jan 5, 2013

  • Switch to lightline instead of airline for status bar. Works better in terminal vim and should be faster.
  • Added investigate.vim (gK for docs)
  • Fix homebrew installation of macvim with lua enabled, and fix deprecated homebrew install.

Dec 17, 2013

  • Cleanup of README to make it more palatable, focusing on the primary key bindings
  • Improved integration with Ag, giving ,ag and ,af aliases
  • Got rid of conque term, implemented a "send to iTerm" rspec runner (invoke with ,rs ,rl ,ss ,sl) for the rspec and spring/rspec versions.

March 29, 2013

  • Migrated to Vundle instead of pathogen for easier bundle management
  • Added Silver Searcher for lightning fast :Gsearch
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