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  • IndexedSearch - when you do searches will show you "Match 2 of 4" in the status line
  • delimitMate - automatically closes quotes
  • SearchComplete - tab completion in the / search window
  • syntastic - automatic syntax checking when you save the file
  • repeat - adds . (repeat command) support for complex commands like surround.vim. i.e. if you perform a surround and hit ., it will Just Work (vim by default will only repeat the last piece of the complex command)
  • endwise - automatically closes blocks (if/end)
  • autotag - automatically creates tags for fast sourcecode browsing. use ,f over a symbol name to go to its definition
  • matchit - helps with matching brackets, improves other plugins
  • AnsiEsc - inteprets ansi color codes inside log files. great for looking at Rails logs
  • solarized - a color scheme scientifically calibrated for awesomeness (including skwp mods for ShowMarks)
  • Lightline - Improved status bar. Requires patched fonts (installed from fonts/ directory)
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