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  • NERDTree - everyone's favorite tree browser
  • NERDTree-tabs - makes NERDTree play nice with MacVim tabs so that it's on every tab
  • ShowMarks - creates a visual gutter to the left of the number column showing you your marks
  • EasyMotion - hit , esc (forward) or , Shift Esc (back) and watch the magic happen. Just type the letters and jump directly to your target - in the provided vimrc the keys are optimized for home row mostly. Using @skwp modified EasyMotion which uses vimperator-style two character targets.
  • CtrlP - , t to find a file
  • Visual-star-search - make the * (star) search in visual mode behave like expected: searching for the whole selection instead of just the word under the cursor.
  • Ag - super fast search by Silver Searcher. hit ,K to grep current word
  • vim-tmux-navigator - nagivate between vim and tmux splits in the same way you move between normal vim splits.
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