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  • textobj-rubyblock - ruby blocks become vim textobjects denoted with r. try var/vir to select a ruby block, dar/dir for delete car/cir for change, =ar/=ir for formatting, etc
  • vim-indentobject - manipulate chunks of code by indentation level (great for yaml) use vai/vii to select around an indent block, same as above applies
  • argtextobj - manipulation of function arguments as an "a" object, so vaa/via, caa/cia, daa/dia, etc..
  • textobj-datetime - gives you da (date), df (date full) and so on text objects. useable with all standard verbs
  • vim-textobj-entire - gives you e for entire document. so vae (visual around entire document), and etc
  • vim-textobj-rubysymbol - gives you : textobj. so va: to select a ruby symbol. da: to delete a symbol..etc
  • vim-textobj-function - gives you f textobj. so vaf to select a function
  • vim-textobj-function-javascript - same as above, but for javascript functions
  • vim-textobj-underscore - gives you _ textobj. So vi_ selects what's inside a pair of underscores
  • next-textobject - from Steve Losh, ability to use n such as vinb (visual inside (n)ext set of parens)
  • textobj-word-column - gives you c (word) and C (WORD) for handling columns/blocks.
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