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  • SplitJoin - easily split up things like ruby hashes into multiple lines or join them back together. Try :SplitjoinJoin and :SplitjoinSplit or use the bindings sj(split) and sk(unsplit) - mnemonically j and k are directions down and up
  • tabularize - align code effortlessly by using :Tabularize /[character] to align by a character, or try the keymaps
  • yankring - effortless sanity for pasting. every time you yank something it goes into a buffer. after hitting p to paste, use ctrl-p or ctrl-n to cycle through the paste options. great for when you accidentally overwrite your yank with a delete.
  • surround - super easy quote and tag manipulation - ysiw" - sourround inner word with quotes. ci"' - change inner double quotes to single quotes, etc
  • greplace - use :Gsearch to find across many files, replace inside the changes, then :Greplace to do a replace across all matches - made lightning fast with Silver Searcher
  • vim-markdown-preview - :Mm to view your as html
  • html-escape - ,he and ,hu to escape and unescape html
  • Gundo - visualize your undos - pretty amazing plugin. Hit ,u with my keymappings to trigger it, very user friendly
  • vim-indent-guides - visual indent guides, off by default
  • color_highlight - use :ColorCodes to see hex colors highlighted
  • change-inside-surroundings - change content inside delimiters like quotes/brackets
  • rspec.vim - used for color highlighting rspec correctly even if specs live outside of spec/ (rails.vim doesn't handle this)
  • Ag - use :Ag to search across multiple files. Faster than Grep and Ack.
  • vim-session: use :SaveSession and :OpenSession to come back to your saved window layout
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