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Adding your own ZSH theme

If you want to add your own zsh theme, you can place it in ~/.zsh.prompts and it will automatically be picked up by the prompt loader.

Make sure you follow the naming convention of prompt_[name]_setup

touch ~/.zsh.prompts/prompt_mytheme_setup

See also the Prezto project for more info on themes.

Customizing ZSH with ~/.zsh.after/ and ~/.zsh.before/

If you want to customize your zsh experience, yadr provides two hooks via ~/.zsh.after/ and ~/.zsh.before/ directories. In these directories, you can place files to customize things that load before and after other zsh customizations that come from ~/.yadr/zsh/*

Overriding the theme

To override the theme, you can do something like this:

echo "prompt yourprompt" > ~/.zsh.after/prompt.zsh

Next time you load your shell, this file will be read and your prompt will be the youprompt prompt. Use prompt -l to see the available prompts.

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