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Updated README to describe new user Git configuration.

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[Learn more about YADR's pry customizations and how to install](
-### Git User Info
+### Git Configuration
-Since the gitconfig doesn't contain the user info, I recommend using env variables. Put the following in
-your `~/.secrets` file which is automatically referenced by the provided zshrc:
+You can customize the standard Git configuration in `~/.gitconfig.user`. Any configuration in this file will override the default configuration.
- # Set your git user info
- export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME='Your Name'
- export GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=''
- export GIT_COMMITTER_NAME='Your Name'
- # Optionally, set your GitHub credentials
- export GITHUB_USER='your_user_name'
- export GITHUB_TOKEN='your_github_token'
+It is recommended to use this file to set your user info. Alternately, you can set the appropriate environment variables in your `~/.secrets`.
### Git Customizations:

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