Latest commit 79e5d1a Aug 24, 2016 Yan Pritzker Add zzz alias for restarting zeus
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prezto @ 4f19700 Update prezto Apr 28, 2016
prezto-override fixed zpreztorc key-bindings Jan 15, 2014
prezto-themes Add the agnoster prompt, with customizations Jul 4, 2014
0000_before.zsh Ability to store your own prompts in ~/.zsh.prompts [Close #152] Sep 26, 2012
0_path.zsh 0_path.zsh reinserts .yadr paths twice in tmux Jun 19, 2014
aliases.zsh Add zzz alias for restarting zeus Aug 24, 2016
colors.zsh Improve color of grep to yellow Sep 11, 2012
custom_prompt_path.zsh Fix missing path to promptinit Mar 29, 2013
fasd.zsh Better installation of fasd [Close #123] Sep 27, 2012
git.zsh Adding hack to make git completion faster for local stuff Apr 29, 2013
key-bindings.zsh Make numpad enter work Jun 27, 2015
last-command.zsh Added Ctrl-x,Ctrl-l to zsh to insert output of last command Apr 20, 2012
node_path.zsh Add node modules bin into default path Jul 22, 2016
noglob.zsh Fix 'ga *foo*' by not globbing git Nov 16, 2012
rm.zsh Override rm alias so that it doesn't prompt every time Sep 28, 2012
secrets.zsh A little cleaner under linux Oct 12, 2012
theme.zsh Go back to using skwp prompt for rvm-prompt integration Nov 4, 2013
vi-mode.zsh Ensure EDITOR/VISUAL vars set to vim [Fix #217] Nov 20, 2012
zmv.zsh Ship custom zpreztorc with syntax highlight, history substring search… Oct 25, 2012
zsh-aliases.zsh merge master branch. Mar 21, 2012
zzzz_after.zsh Ability to store your own prompts in ~/.zsh.prompts [Close #152] Sep 26, 2012