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doc Add ability to customize searcher Nov 15, 2013
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VIM Plugin for doing a search and replace across many files.

About this plugin

Original plugin by Yegappan Lakshmanan

Modifications by Yan Pritzker:

  • Always grep recursive
  • Silence the search so you don't get a gigantic scroll list


  1. Use :Gsearch to get a buffer window of your search results
  2. then you can make the replacements inside the buffer window using traditional tools (%s/foo/bar/)
  3. Invoke :Greplace to make your changes across all files. It will ask you interatively y/n/a - you can hit 'a' to do all.
  4. Save changes to all files with :wall (write all)


To customize command used for :Gsearch you can update both the command and the default options.

Note: updating grepprg will have consequences on other commands that rely on grep vim command

  • git grep

    set grepprg=git\ grep
    let g:grep_cmd_opts = '--line-number'
  • ag

    set grepprg=ag
    let g:grep_cmd_opts = '--line-numbers --noheading'
  • ack

    set grepprg=ack
    let g:grep_cmd_opts = '--noheading'