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Yet another dotfile-repository of shell files, and similar.

Using The Repository

This repository was created as a "bare" repository, so that it can track files in my home directory. Because of this the checkout process is a little different than usual.

Here is my recipe for deployment on a new host:

Step one: checkout the repository:

If you wish to get read-only access, and you're never going to push updates:

 git clone --bare git:// ~/dotfiles.git

If you have permission you can pull the repository, and gain access to push it:

 git clone --bare ~/dotfiles.git

Step two: setup a sane alias

 alias .DOTFILES="git --git-dir=$HOME/dotfiles.git --work-tree=$HOME/"

Step three: See which files will be over-written in your current home directory:

 .DOTFILES status -s -uno

Step four: If no files will be corrupted, or you're happy to replace them, do the necessary:

 .DOTFILES checkout -b  original_files -f
 .DOTFILES commit -a  -m 'original files'
 .DOTFILES checkout master

Now you're done.

It is perhaps more sane to merely use the github browser to cherry-pick the files and functions you want, but each to their own.