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This repository contains a collection of data relating to Public Houses located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As well as the data there is a simple tool which will read this data and build a series of HTML pages to describe it.

Pub Data

There are several sites out there which contain lists of pubs, and reviews of them. However I'm more interested in tracking what they look like - not least because most pub reviews tend to be:

  • This pub was awful, avoid.
  • This pub was great.

It is a sad fact that pubs change hands pretty regularly, they change owner, change name, and change theme. I'd love to see an archive of all the names a pub has had, and images of what they all looked like.

The idea of a map-presentation of pubs is just a useful sidetrack, which is designed to encourage people to contribute their "local".

The initial goal is to collect data on pubs:

  • The names of pubs.
  • The location - lat/long.
  • What the place looks like, initially the external side only.
    • But in the future I'd be happy to expand coverage to include internal photographs.
  • Contact details are nice, as are website links.

How can you help?

You can help by submitting details of pubs which are missing.

To submit a new pub you need to do two things:

  • Submit a new file to go beneath the data/ subdirectory.
    • The existing entries should be sufficient to describe what is required, but if you need help get in touch.
  • Submit a photograph, or two, of the outside of the pub.
    • The images should be 450px high.
    • The image should be named following the short-name attribute of the data file.
    • Again the existing images beneath images/ should make this obvious, but if you need help get in touch.

Useful Links