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// This file contains the implementation of the stack the CPU uses.
// Note that the stack is used for storing integers only.
package cpu
import "errors"
// Stack holds return-addresses when the `call` operation is being
// completed. It can also be used for storing ints.
type Stack struct {
// The entries on our stack
entries []int
// Stack functions
// NewStack creates a new stack object.
func NewStack() *Stack {
return &Stack{}
// Empty returns true if the stack is empty.
func (s *Stack) Empty() bool {
return (len(s.entries) <= 0)
// Size retrieves the length of the stack.
func (s *Stack) Size() int {
return (len(s.entries))
// Push adds a value to the stack.
func (s *Stack) Push(value int) {
s.entries = append(s.entries, value)
// Pop removes a value from the stack.
func (s *Stack) Pop() (int, error) {
if s.Empty() {
return 0, errors.New("Pop from an empty stack")
result := s.entries[0]
s.entries = append(s.entries[:0], s.entries[1:]...)
return result, nil
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