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Need a primitive to pipe messages through shell commands. #51

skx opened this Issue · 1 comment

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skx commented

Right now we can invoke ! to execute a shell command globally, but we also need another similar thing to pipe a message through a shell command.

Consider a mark_spam() function that wants to train a message as being bogus. Currently I just save messages in ~/Maildir/.new-spam/ and a cronjob picks it up to train it.

However I can imagine that somebody else will want to pipe through spam_bayes, crm114, or similar.

We can already execute commands via os.exec the only part missing is getting the path to the current message.

Suggest: message() will return the path to the currently selected message, then we can do things like:

os.exec( "train-as-spam " .. message() )
@skx skx closed this issue from a commit
@skx New primitive: message(), to return the path to the current message.
  This allows piping to commands, etc.

  Closes #51.
@skx skx closed this in 0d74fb4
skx commented

Annoyingly I'd already written current_message so this bug was bogus to begin with.

Reverted the new primitive message(), but updated the implementation of current_message() with the newer code.

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