The slaughter policies I use on my hosts.
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The Definitive Slaughter Guide:

Source Repository:


Slaughter Overview

Slaughter is a perl-based system administration utility, which allows the remote management of an arbitrary number of nodes.

When slaughter runs on each node it will:

  • Download a set of remote policies from the central server.
    • The policies may be fetched via rsync, HTTP, FTP, or revision control fetches.
  • Execute the policies on the local system.
    • These policies use the primitives that Slaughter implements as well as standard perl.

This Repository

This repository contains my own personal recipies, which are executed upon a number of my own hosts.

There should be sufficient comments to make sense of them, but in brief:

  • The initial default.policy is fetched first.
  • The initial policy contains only references to other policies which are fetched in turn.

Each policy is self-contained and one policy is present for each task:

There are more policies which you're welcome to explore.