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This repository contains the source of the (new) website

Content Policy

The intention behind this site is that there will be one concise page of content for each of the major servers in common use.

For example:

  • Apache 2.x.
  • nginx.
  • lighttpd.
  • mysql.
  • nfs.
  • glusterfs.

I explicitly do not intend to cover the optimization of applications such as Magento, Wordpress, or similar. The reason for this is that too many variables are at play, and new releases would quickly render documentation obsolete.

By contrast most of the "well known" servers don't release too frequently.

(Although there certainly are some that do.)

Implementation Details

The website is built via the templer static-site generator.

If you have templer installed just run:

make serve

Then open your browser at http://localhost:4433/

Dependencies include:

NOTE: If the python slimmer tool is unavailable the CSS will just be non-slimmed. This is a non-fatal error.


As the site is 100% static there is nothing dynamic at all, except for the display of inline comments at the foot of pages, which are inserted via javascript.

The comment-handling facility is divided into two parts:

  • A simple server which receives new comments, and serves existing ones.
  • A client-side javascript library which handles retrieving/posting new ones, via interactions with that remote server.

The commenting system was written for this site, but has been tidied up and made available in a standalone fashion now:


If wish to report issues please do feel free to mail me direct, or report them in the github tracker.


All content on this site written by myself is assumed to be written under terms of the GNU General public license, version 2.

It is assumes contributions from others will be licensed under the same terms.



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