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A Terraform provider for VMware NSX. The NSX provider is used to interact with resources supported by VMware NSX. The provider needs to be configured with the proper credentials before it can be used.

Wiki Pages


Feature Create Read Update Delete
DHCP Relay Y Y Y Y
Edge Interface Y Y N Y
Logical Switch Y Y Y Y
Security Group Y Y Y Y
Security Policy Y Y Y Y
Security Policy Rules Y Y Y Y
Security Tag Y Y Y Y
Security Tag Attachment Y Y Y Y
Service Y Y Y Y
Firewall Exclusion Y Y N Y


  • Security-tag resource requires vsphere-provider with moid parameter implemented. (branch not yet pushed to upstream). Docker image link with already built vsphere-provider available in getting started link above. - This issue was actually solved on terraform v0.9.6 - pull request here (

  • At the moment only a very limited number of vSphere NSX resources have been implemented. These resources also have the basic attributes implemented, look at wiki link above to find more details about each of these resources.

Resources to consider

  • Transport Zones
  • Distributed Switch
  • Distributed Firewall (L2 / L3 rules)
  • Edge Device Nat config and rules
  • Edge Device Routing config