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Emacs: My awesome Java environment

A talk by torstein @ skybert dot net

Hi, I'm Torstein 👋

  • Been in ❤ with Emacs since 2000

I've used many Java plugins/packages

My requirements

  • Zero conf: Easily setup a new Java project
  • Fast: must handle large projects
  • Large meaning ~7000 classes (Tomcat has 2200)
  • Easy to switch between projects

Seeing is believing

Will use a wee app, cheese-shop to show the Java features in Emacs.

Seeing is believing

  • Auto completion
  • Code navigation
  • Jump to source of 3rd party libraries
  • Import classes
  • Static import methods and fields
  • Run JUnit tests from within Emacs

Seeing is believing

  • Linting
  • Unused variables
  • Wrong syntax
  • Missing generics

Seeing is believing

  • Implement missing class
  • Implement missing method

Seeing is believing

  • Debug application from within Emacs
  • Debugger with conditional break points

Seeing is believing

  • Refactoring: rename variable
  • Refactoring: extract to variable
  • Refactoring: extract to method


✏ torstein @ skybert dot net

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