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skycoin blog logo

Skycoin Blog

This blog uses hugo to generate a static website from markdown files.

Refer to hugo documentation for full detail.

Translation Bounty Program

The translation bounty program was ended March 19, 2019.

Content: Create or Amend Posts

Look in the content/ folder. Posts are written in markdown.

Locally, the blog can be previewed with:

hugo serve

Make sure that your posts compile without error. Check the formatting.

Then, commit the changes and push.

If there are no problems, then will automatically update in a few minutes.


If the language is not currently supported by the blog, add a language config statement to config.toml (see the file for an example).

The blog posts are in a subdirectory in content/. To add a translation of an existing post, change the extension from .md to .$

For example, to add a German translation of content/statement/Skycoin, name the file content/statement/Skycoin

Themes: Layout and Styling

Skycoin Blog uses a custom hugo theme with styling produced using SCSS, when editing any styles you must edit the .scss files only. If any changes are made to the SCSS partials within static/css/scss/, you must re-compile with the following commands.

Move into the theme directory

  cd themes/skycoin/

Install the dependencies such as node-sass

  # or
  npm install

Compile and build the SCSS

  yarn build:css

Note: The compiled CSS files must be committed to the repository. They are not built during the deployment.

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