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Games in the CX language
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Repository for Games and Game Creation Utilities Made in CX

Current Project: CXtris

This will be a Tetris clone. If you have suggestions for a better name, you can propose it either on the WeChat or Telegram game development channels ;-)

Initially, we're going to use the textures and font provided in this link: . Even though they have a CC0 license, we should replace them later on with our own (let's be as original as possible).

Basic Instructions on How to Collaborate using Git

A great article on how to collaborate using git can be found here, particularly check the "The Pull-Request Workflow for Code Contribution" section.

Projects' Structure

The project structure that we'll be following is this: . You can also read this blog post to get a better idea of how we're going to be organizing the projects: .

This repository will initially hold several directories, where each directory will represent a video game on its own. Following the conventions discussed in the links provided above:

  • assets

We should store the resources that we're going to need for the video games in here, such as texture files.

  • cmd

Source code that will produce the executables or serve as the program's entry point (e.g., the file). Files in here should call libraries from the internal and pkg directories.

  • docs

If we ever need to document a library that we developed for a game, it'll go here.

  • examples

Sometimes we might need to test some features in isolation, and we should write some examples to provide better documentation.

  • internal

Any code that isn't general purpose should go here. For example, structures that represent Tetris pieces, and functions that rotate these pieces.

  • pkg

Any code that could be imported by other video games goes here. For example, a physics engine, an entity-component system, etc.

Game Development Examples for CX

Check out the OpenGL examples directory in CX's repository. These are some notable examples:

  • and

Examples of smooth animations in CX. bouncing-ball-control is similar to, but you can control the ball's direction using the arrow keys


Extensive use of CX structs to represent a tile map.

  • examples/

This example is not in the opengl directory because it doesn't use any OpenGL function. Nevertheless, it implements a very basic entity-component system, based on the work presented here.


The code in this file shows how to track the mouse position and clicks.


How to show text on screen.

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