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Build Status


  1. Install nvm.

  2. Install and use the node version specified in .nvmrc:

$ nvm install && nvm use
  1. Install Yarn:
$ npm install -g yarn
  1. Install dependencies:
$ yarn


Start the development server:

$ yarn start

Run tests:

$ yarn test

# Generate coverage report
$ yarn test -- --coverage

Releasing to production

This requires write access to the skycoin/ repo, doing a PR from a fork doesn't carry over the tag.

Commits on the master branch will be automatically released to

To release to production:

  1. Bump the version number in package.json:

       "name": "",
    -  "version": "0.1.2",
    +  "version": "0.1.3",
       "private": true,
  2. Commit, create a tag, and push:

    $ git commit -am "chore: bump version number"
    $ git tag v0.1.3
    $ git push origin master --tags

Important! When adding a new page (without a link to it), you need to add hidden link to /src/components/Footer/components/PageLinks

This is necessary in order for react-snapshot to generate correct static *.html file and avoid home page rendering before any new page renders. Also modify production deploy script to remove cache for new static html files in .travis/

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