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# Sky -- Open Source Behavioral Database
-## Contribute
+### Introduction
-If you'd like to contribute to Sky, please fork the repo on GitHub:
+Sky is an open source database used for high performance analysis of [behavioral data](
+This includes clickstream data, log data, sensor data, etc.
+Sky's architecture is designed to address two use cases:
-You're also welcome to discuss the project on the mailing list by sending an
-e-mail to [](
+1. Fast analysis of an entire dataset.
+1. Real-time analysis of a single object.
+The database works in the context of objects.
+An example of an object is a user of a web site or application.
+Objects can be anything that has state and performs actions over time.
+These actions and state changes are referred to as events within Sky.
+For a given object, Sky can analyze the actions the object performs or how the object's state changes over time.
+Operating in the context of a single object at a time has advantages and trade offs.
+It's advantages are speed and simplicity of code: Sky can easily aggregate tens of million of events per second per core.
+The tradeoff is that Sky is not general purpose.
+It's not relational, it's not good for graph analysis, it isn't mean to store documents.
+That's okay.
+It's not meant to replace those technologies.
+### Getting Started
+The best way to get up and running with Sky is to read through the [Documentation][] and [Getting Started][] pages.
+Sky only requires ZeroMQ as a dependency so it's easy to get up and running.
+### More Information
+If you have questions about Sky, feel free to visit the [Github repository][], [e-mail the mailing list]( or [find me on Twitter](
+ [Github repository]:
+ [Documentation]:
+ [Getting Started]:
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