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This is the native iOS SDK for CloudMine. It uses ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) and is thus compatible only with XCode 4.1 or higher and iOS 4 or higher.

It has the following dependencies:

  • CFNetwork
  • SystemConfiguration
  • MobileCoreServices
  • CoreGraphics
  • UIKit
  • libz

You must also set the -all_load and -ObjC flags in the Other Linker Flags section of your app's build settings.

Watch the introductory screencast to see how to set up a new iOS project in XCode using the CloudMine framework, including how to specify all the dependencies.

Please see the documentation overview on our website for more details.

If you wish to simply download the precompiled universal framework, you may do so.


The first step is checking out the git submodules for our library dependencies. From the root directory, run git submodule update --init.

To modify and build this framework yourself, simply open cm-ios.xcworkspace in XCode. Do not open any of the project files in the ios/ directory directly as things won't work correctly.

There are a few schemes to pick from. Use libcloudmine for development work and for running the unit tests. All the unit tests are written using Kiwi, a nice BDD-style unit testing framework. When you are ready to build the final framework for use in your own apps, choose the CloudMine Universal Framework scheme, clean, and build. This will build a universal framework that can run both on the iOS simulator as well as an iOS device. You can find the resulting framework under ios/build/Release-iphoneuniversal.


Contributions to the SDK are always welcome. However, please be sure you have well-written tests that cover all your cases. Since this is a framework, it is sometimes hard to test what you've written using unit tests. If that is the case for your contribution, write a small sample iPhone or iPad application (it doesn't even need a UI) that demonstrates the correct, intended functionality of your additions to the framework. Once all that is done, submit a pull request clearly explaining your additions and providing links to the external test cases if applicable. If you have any questions, please contact the maintainer directly at

Thanks in advance for all your hard work and awesome code! :)