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Demonstrate Zig code on the nRF51/nRF52 microcontrollers
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Demonstrate Zig code on the nRF51/nRF52 microcontrollers

This demo is currently using the BBC micro:bit. Build-scripts made for windows, but they are just a list of commands, so should work with little/no modification on other OSs.


  • (X) Build binary with just Zig, startup assembly and link scripts
  • (✓) Import/use C header files from SDK
  • (X) Map registers to structs with bit fields
  • (✓) Blink LEDs
  • (✓) Print over UART
  • (✓) Use std.fmt with UART
  • (✓) Handle interrupts
  • (X) Read buttons
  • (✓) Implement delay functions (inline assembly)
  • (X) Use timers
  • (X) Maybe: Find a good use-case for compile-time/generics
  • (X) Maybe: Read micro:bit accelerometer/compass over I2C
  • (X) Maybe: Send/receive packets over radio
  • (X) Maybe: Use Zig build system
  • (X) Maybe: Stack trace


  • Linking does not work properly with Zig (does work with LLD though)
  • Placement of bit fields in struct in not correct (for little-endian)
  • Missing functions from compiler_rt needs workaround (__umodsi3)
  • No option for selecting soft/hard float, link issues related to float and zig stdlib
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