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import skygear
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# Reject empty 'name' before saving a cat to the database
@skygear.before_save('cat', async=False)
def validate_cat_name(record, original_record, db):
if not record.get('name'):
raise Exception('Missing cat name')
return record
# cron job that runs every 2 minutes
@skygear.every('@every 2m')
def meow_for_food():
# Skygear Portal Console Log will show 'Meow Meow!' every 2 minutes'Meow Meow!')
# custom logic to be invoked from SDK, e.g.
# skygear.lambda('food:buy', {'food': 'salmon'}) for JS
@skygear.op('food:buy', user_required=False)
def buy_food(food):
# TODO: call API about online shopping
# return an object to the SDK
return {
'success': True,
'food': food,
# accepting HTTP GET request to /cat/feed
@skygear.handler('cat:feed', method=['GET'])
def feed(request):
# TODO: handle the request such as logging the request to database
return 'Meow! Thanks!\n'