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Simple, real time collaborative notepad on the cloud. First version quickly built in an hour with Skygear

Try now:

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Non-CDN version

  • This version's libraries are not served from any CDN. Suitable for independent deployment.


  • Handy - Create a pad instantly.
  • Simple UI - Neat, undistracting and responsive.
  • Easy Sharing - Share by URL, Twitter or FB.
  • Collaboration - Real time sync across all platforms.
  • Auto Save - Changes saved on the cloud automatically.
  • Syntax Highligting - Support JavaScript, C, HTML and CSS. More comming.

Try it here


  • Edit the config dict at app.js
const config = {
  baseURL: "", // To help generate a correct sharing URL
  skygearAPIEndpoint: "", // API Endpoint
  skygearAPIKey: "xxxxc613xxxx4227xxxx6114a401xxxx", // API Key
  writerUser: "username", // the default user for creating app
  writerPass: "password"  // the default user password for creating app
  • Sign up at Skygear to obtain the API Endpoint and API Key.
  • Use signupWithUserName to create your own writerUser at Skygear.


This app can be deployed on localhost, AWS s3, Skygear hosting, GitHub Page or other static hosts.

  • These files are required to deploy:
    • index.html - Main layout
    • app.js - Main app logic
    • app.css - CSS styling
    • /vendor - Required external library files


You can view the previous version as tags, e.g. v0.1, v0.2

  • mvp Quick first usable version
  • v0.1 Social sharing and UI fixed
  • v0.2 Code highlighting
  • v0.3 Create new pad and pad title
  • v1.0 List of my notes (Automatically managed)
  • v1.1 (Upcoming) Private notes

Feedback and Contribution

Feel free to open any issue and PR. Contact at

Credits & Thanks

  • Code highlighting powered by CodeFlask by kazzkiq. That's awesome.

  • CSS and base style: MUI a lightweight material framework.

  • I didn't use complex JS framework but zepto.js for quick hacks and keep it lightweight.


Skypad @SideProjectors

About Skygear

Skygear is a backend for building real-time and cloud-based web/mobile app. Skypad is a perfect simple usecase.