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A Vue based web server with an integrated API system
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Core Server

Quick Installation

To install Core Server and start a new project, run the following commands:

npm install -g core-server
core-server --init

Core Server

Description: Core Server helps teams set a standard project structure and workings for all sort of Node projects.

We developed Core Server to provide a standard and global project structure for our web platforms developed in-house. We were loosing to much time figuring out a project structure for each seperate project. We open sourced as it may help other developers facing the same problems.

Technology stack: Core Server is based on Node's v10 architecture and has a tight integration with VueJS.

Status: Currently used by multiple launched projects! This open-source version is currently not yet production ready. We recently added a CLI and modular plugin system before open sourcing, which still needs testing. We started versioning since open sourcing the project. CHANGELOG.

Projects using Core Server


Project folder structure:

Using this project means that a certain folder structure is desired. This can be achieved by running: core-server init

The folder structure looks like this:

Project root
└─── api
│    └─── ...
└─── components
│    └─── ...
└─── resources
│    └─── styles
│         └─── ...
│    └─── fonts
│         └─── ...
│    └─── img
│         └─── ...
│    └─── lib
│         └─── init.js
└─── config
│    └─── servers.json
│    └─── servers-production.json
│    └─── public-api.json
│    └─── plugins.json
└─── package.json

To learn more about project setup please take a look at our Wiki.

Open up a terminal and make your way to your project root folder an run following command: core-server [--port XXXX]

The default port is 8080. Your project will be accessible on http://localhost:8080/

Getting involved


Detailed instructions to develop and build Core Server from source can be found in our DEVELOPMENT document. We hope to see your great changes as contributions to this project.


We hope to provide a working project that fits many needs. In return we hope to improve Core Server with the help of the community.

Contributing can be done in many ways.Instructions on how to contribute scan be found in our CONTRIBUTING guide.

Getting help

If you have questions, concerns, bug reports, etc, please file an issue in this repository's Issue Tracker.

Known issues to solve & Todo list

  • We currently do not have unit tests in the repository. (Help would be appreciated)
  • Our DEVELOPMENT guide still needs to be written.
  • The Wiki is currently empty but is currently being worked on.



Copyright (c) 2016-present, Sacha Vandamme

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