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A portable, enhanced source port of Doom, Heretic and Hexen.
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skyjake Renderer: Fixed FOV (95°) for player weapon models
The cvar "rend-model-fov" specifies the FOV for weapon models, which is separate from the rest of the view. This alleviates issues with weapon models not being drawn as the author intended.
Latest commit 5831dd3 May 1, 2019

Doomsday Engine

This is the source code for Doomsday Engine: a portable, enhanced source port of id Software's Doom I/II and Raven Software's Heretic and Hexen. The sources are under the GNU General Public license (see doomsday/gpl-3.0.txt), with the exception of the Doomsday 2 libraries that are under the GNU Lesser General Public License (see doomsday/lgpl-3.0.txt).

For compilation instructions and other details, see the documentation wiki:

Linux 64-bit Linux Build Status Windows 32-bit Windows Build Status


libcore is the core of Doomsday 2. It is a C++ class framework containing functionality such as the file system, plugin loading, Doomsday Script, network communications, and generic data structures. Almost everything relies or will rely on this core library.

liblegacy is a collection of C language routines extracted from the old Doomsday 1 code base. Its purpose is to (eventually) act as a C wrapper for libcore. (Game plugins are mostly in C.)

libgui builds on libcore to add low-level GUI capabilities such as OpenGL graphics, fonts, images, and input devices.

libappfw contains the Doomsday UI framework: widgets, generic dialogs, abstract data models. libappfw is built on libgui and libcore.

libshell has functionality related to connecting to and controlling Doomsday servers remotely.

libdoomsday is an application-level library that contains shared functionality for the client, server, and plugins.

External Dependencies


Doomsday is compiled using CMake. Version 3.1 or later is required.


Using the latest version of Qt 5 is recommended. The minimum required version is Qt 5.5 (complete build) or Qt 5.0 (client disabled). See Supported platforms in the wiki for details about which version is being used on which platform.

Open Asset Import Library

libgui requires the Open Asset Import Library for reading 3D model and animation files. It is compiled automatically as part of the build and is expected to be present as a Git submodule in doomsday/external/assimp. Source tarballs come with the Assimp sources included.


SDL 2 is needed for game controller input (e.g., joysticks and gamepads). Additionally, SDL2_mixer can be used for audio output (not required).

FMOD Studio

The optional FMOD audio plugin requires the FMOD Studio Low-Level Programmer API.


The following branches are currently active in the repository.

  • master: Main code base. This is where releases are made from on a biweekly basis. Bug fixing is done in this branch, while larger development efforts occur in separate work branches.
  • stable: Latest stable release. Patch releases can be made from this branch when necessary.
  • stable-x.y: Stable release x.y.
  • legacy: Old stable code base. Currently at the 1.8.6 release.
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