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Website, information system, payment-hub for a school
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The open source demo version has fallen woefully behind it's commercial counterparts.
If you would like to help develop django-school please feel free to branch or repurpose.
You can contact with any questions or comments.

I guess the MIT or GPL license could go here?


Django School (Quince) is a web-based school information system.  The system is very customizable
so that the school can get exactly what it wants and not more.  No extra functionality will be left 
to clutter or confuse.  The system is intuitive and easy to learn.  

All information can be retrieved with a few clicks and is searchable and sortable.  Get any obscure
information stored in the system instantly!  Beautiful, unobtrusive Ajax where it is merited.  Ready to
integrate existing design/logos/styles/flash resources or to create new ones.

If the school desires a feature that is not currently in Quince it should be relatively straight-forward 
to add.  We look forward to defining further needs and specifications with you so we can improve Quince.

Features (in progress features in parenthesis)

* Online Payments Hub
    * Keep track of all online payments for your school
    * Paypal integration, records keeping, instant notification
    * (Google Checkout)

* Application, Registration and Enrollment
    * Forms
    * Payments
    * Tracking
    * Scheduling
    * Notification
    * Easy to set discount timeframes
    * Easy to integrate with online calendars

* Records
    * PARENTS enter their data and update throughout the year and during enrollment
    * Emergency contacts
    * Pickup People
    * Allergies and other student information
	* Disciplinary actions, gold stars, notes, anything you want
	* Define the data that you want to store and we can easily adapt the
	  software to your specific needs.
    * Volunteer organization
    * Donations
    * Family members and community

(* Calendars
    * Make your own, anything you can think of!
    * Split into intuitive categories
    * Easy and extensible
    * Application/Registration/Enrollment
    * Events
    * Lunch Menu 

(* News and information
    * Video archives with search and categories
    * School Blog
    * Photo albums
    * About sections
    * Easy to add features/flash
    * Show the world how great your school is in:
	* Pictures, videos, print

(* Scheduling
    * Set important dates and dictate what the parents see based on date and time
    * Group students based on homeroom or other criteria
	* Attach students to a main teacher or contact
    * (Create classrooms and schedule the student's days/weeks/semesters/quarters/years)
	* (Know exactly where a student is supposed to be at any given time)
	    * (Mark tardies and absences)
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