A Xcode Source Editor Extension that searches external sources(Google, StackOverflow, etc)
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Xcode Search

A Xcode Source Editor Extension that searches external source(Google, StackOverflow, etc)



  1. Install Xcode 8 Beta
  2. Run Xcode 8 Beta and install additional system components
  3. Open terminal.app and execute sudo /usr/libexec/xpccachectl if you are using OS X 10.11
  4. Reboot your mac
  5. Open this project in Xcode 8 Beta and run the extension. Fix code signing issues if there are any. Extensions and the app need to be signed properly.
  6. Choose an app to run: Xcode 8 Beta
  7. Select your code
  8. Choose menu Editor > Search

**Notice:**Currently the Source Editor Extension feature in Xcode 8 Beta is not very stable. You may find that the command is sometimes not showing up, or not available(grayed out).


  • Multiline selection support
  • More external sources for searching