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@skylot skylot released this Feb 12, 2019 · 243 commits to release since this release

0.9.0 (2019-02-12)


  • gui: APK signature check v1/v2 using the apksig library from Google (#431) (d1af751)
  • gui: add a menu to copy class name (#351) (a8febb2)
  • gui: add icons to jadx-gui (#420) (PR #428) (f8c0449)
  • gui: make the import class name clickable (#378) (df9ae29)
  • support multi-exception catch blocks (#421) (aec9864)

Bug Fixes

  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in string concatenation visitor (#427) (72b2663)
  • change not allowed access modifiers for methods (#387) (PR #439) (8c7140d), closes #370
  • change resource fields generations in R class (#308) (f6f883b)
  • correct code line number calculation (1d7bb43)
  • don't remove synthetic class with inner classes (850bd96)
  • don't remove synthetic method if args count or name not same (#361) (20b03aa)
  • don't rename constructors and class init methods in deobfuscator (#415) (0f27eba)
  • exports resources first (#376) (87f50ab)
  • Fix for #377 (Jadx in Windows open with list) (#379) (a8a3164)
  • force rename by checks from RenameVisitor (#432) (da41efa)
  • force rename fields and methods with reserved names (#364) (3815d30)
  • generates code of missing R class (#353) (5de4d07)
  • instruction deep equals must check result (1fc92d2)
  • lower regions count limit (#354) (9be62fb)
  • process try/catch without move-exception instruction (#395) (6d59f77)
  • refactor, improve performance and fix some issues in resource processing (82d0d62)
  • rename method wrapped by synthetic only from same class (#430) (618b014)
  • gui: loading of i18n resources as UTF-8 (see #363) (PR #386) (5281eed)
  • gui: allow partial settings sync to not save command line options (557667b)
  • gui: add "use imports" option to preferences (bc62933)
  • gui: add synchronization to SimpleIndex class (#435) (b28eaa1)
  • gui: add synchronizations to search index creation (#433) (9e0cd2e)
  • gui: apply render hints for line numbers (58993b9)
  • gui: don't skip indexing code lines starting with '}' (#426) (1272ae2)
  • gui: fill background before draw line numbers (#404) (7e8435c)
  • gui: limit the spare memory to max. 512MiB (#434) (ffedaea)
  • return type lost after type inference (#396) (3a798cb)
  • saves all resources (#375) (8eef4a9)
  • search exception handler splitter block by offset if jump source unknown (#406) (e9591ef)
  • show method alias in "method not decompiled" messages (#410) (fd3498a)
  • update apksig library to latest version (#431) (b0e3cfe)
  • update dx to version 16 (#369) (bedbf94)
  • use '$' as separator for inner classes in .jobf file (#415) (e0624ce)
  • use '$' for inner classes also in methods and fields (#415) (a841d0e)
  • gui: make correct size truncate for recent files list (2de86b6)
  • gui: various UI improvements (#419) (f60bb6b)
  • gui: make link for full class names (#378) (a3464d7)
  • gui: on settings reset run upgrade method (0abb51c)
  • gui: override settings by cmd options (6b3e8f0)
  • gui: show 'copy name' action only for supported nodes (9e24a5a)
  • gui: unsynchronized search index creation results in NullPointerException upon performing search (#429) (7c353a6)
  • gui: use correct font and style for certificate panel (b587b6d)
  • gui: use editor font in files tree and fix bundled font loading (2931617)
  • gui: use editor font in search node column (be509c7)
  • gui: wait time for background jobs too short (1ac2cdf)
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