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Extracting scalatest integration

This folder contains scripts I created to be able to extract the scalatest suport for Scala IDE in its own repository.

Chee Seng did his work in a fork of Scala IDE, but at the end, we wanted to have this code it is own repository to be able to have decoupled release schedules.

I went through a few iterations before getting something I was satisfied with.

After googling a bit, looking at different explanations, this one mainly, and doing some experimentation, I decided to try to trim out everything I did want to keep. As I wanted to keep 2 folders, I could not use the technic explained in the Stack Overflow post.

It kind of work, but to have a clean repository, I would have had to also find and remove the files and folders that are not visible in HEAD anymore, but are in the history. Too much work.

The idea of the second attempt was to mix the 'detach subdirectory' idea from the Stack Overflow post, with 'subtree' merging from this post

This worked very well, but by doing this, I was losing the history of the changes made when the scalatest support was not in its own subprojects (and subfolders), but mixed in org.scala-ide.sdt.core.

To be able to keep the full history of the work done by Chee Seng, I decided to simply apply all commit done for the scalatest support in a clean repo. I used git log to create a list of the commit contained only in Chee Seng fork, and then applyed all of them using git cherry-pick. I did not find a way to just force cherry-pick to apply the commit without complaining, so I added a bit of bash magic to fix the few conflics.

After pushing to github, cloning back and removing some no more needed folders, I have a pretty clean repository containing all the history.