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Scala IDE InSynth Integration

Central repository for managing the implementation of InSynth, its Scala IDE integration and documentation.
Main source code of the InSynth plugin is in the subdirectory. For more info about the plugin, visit the wiki page.

The following gives a summary of subdirectories:

  • InSynth_CompilerPlugin
    Scala compiler plugin for analyzing statistics of various Scala source code and deriving weight for using in InSynth synthesis.
  • InSynth_HoFSearchPlugin
    Scala compiler plugin for searching for application of high-order functions (useful for demonstration of InSynth correctness).
  • SAV_Project_Report
    Project report on the InSynth code generation phase, as a final course report in Sofrware Analysis and Verification, at EPFL.
    InSynth feature maven build.
  • ch.epfl.insynth.reconstruction
    Temporary repository containing the code generation module of InSynth (deprecated and merged into the InSynth maven build).