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The SkyPat Team


"SkyPat" is a C++ performance analyzing and testing framework on Android and Linux platforms. It combines perf_events and unit tests together and gives programmers the power of fine-grained performance analysis via writing typical test cases.

Latest release

Directory Structure

share/SkyPat/README    - this document
share/SkyPat/LICENSE   - the License
share/SkyPat/examples/ - the place of examples
include/            - include file, exported interface
lib/                - libraries of exported interface

Supported platforms

SkyPat supports macOS, Ubuntu/x86_64, Debian/arm, Fedora/x86_64, Fedora/arm, and CentOS/x86_64.

Here is a list of verified versions:

  • Ubuntu/x86_64
    • 14.04 and later versions
  • Fedora/x86_64
    • 20 and later versions
  • CentOS/x86_64
    • 7 and later versions
  • Debian/arm
    • 8.6 and later versions

Getting Started

Download and build SkyPat

You could download SkyPat either from the latest release tar-ball or from our git repository.

Method 1: Download SkyPat from the latest release tar-ball

Download the source code from the latest release tar-ball.

$ wget -O SkyPat-3.1.1.tar.gz
$ tar zxvf SkyPat-3.1.1.tar.gz

Method 2: Download SkyPat from our git repository

Download the source code from our git repository into ${SKYPAT_SRC} directory.

$ git clone ${SKYPAT_SRC}

Install required packages

Ubuntu/Debian users

Install following packages before you install SkyPat.

$ sudo apt-get install wget automake autoconf libtool build-essential

Fedora/CentOS users

Install following packages before you install SkyPat.

$ sudo yum install wget automake autoconf libtool make automake gcc gcc-c++
$ sudo yum install kernel-devel 

Build by Auto-tools

If there are no configure shell script in the directory, use ./ to generate configure script.

$ ./

Use ./configure to configure the package for your system. See [INSTALL]( INSTALL) for more details.

$ ./configure --prefix=${SKYPAT_INSTALL}

Use make to compile the package

$ make

Type make install to install the package into your system.

$ make install

Run Examples

Examples of SkyPat are installed at ${SKYPAT_INSTALL}/share/skypat/examples. You can go to any sub-directory and build it. For example:

cd ${SKYPAT_INSTALL}/share/skypat/examples/assertion

Then, if SkyPat is successfully installed, you should see:

c++ -I../../../../include -L../../../../lib main.cpp my_case.cpp -lskypat -o assertion
  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../../../../lib ./assertion
  [  SkyPat  ] Running 2 tests from 1 cases.
  [----------] 2 tests from MyCase.
  [ RUN      ] MyCase.fibonacci_test
  [       OK ]
  [ RUN      ] MyCase.factorial_test
  [       OK ]
  [==========] 2 tests from 1 cases ran.
  [  PASSED  ] 2 tests.

User Guide

For those who need more information about SkyPat, please check out our UserGuide on Github.