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Modification History:
*** NOTE ***
This file contains the CHANGELOG for the initial release. For subsequent
releases, the CHANGLELOG is maintained in the package.xml file itself.
Please edit package.xml instead.
03/02/2008 kannan, checkin xhprof_html/ and xhprof_lib/ directories.
cjiang [These contain PHP sources for the UI as well
as various supporting libraries to compute
"flat" info, diff reports, aggregate results
of multiple runs, typeahead support, etc.]
02/20/2008 kannan add basic sanity tests for the extension
02/19/2008 kannan register constants for optional profiler flags;
add xhprof.output_dir ini setting.
01/22/2008 ps port cpu affinity functions to FreeBSD
01/15/2008 kannan intercept builtins even if zend_execute_internal
were null to begin with
01/14/2008 kannan track builtins by default;
fix compiler warnings with fwd decls
12/22/2008 cjiang Further refactoring of the code for open sourcing:
(1). Remove level 1 profiling mode.
(2). Add xhprof_sample_enable, xhprof_sample_disable.
(3). Unifiy function and global variable prefix.
(4). Group relevant functions together.
(5). Migrate change history to CHANAGELOG file.
12/19/2008 kannan First step refactoring for open sourcing:
(1). Put basic direcotry structure
(2). Rename extension and function names
(3). Add LICENCE header.
06/17/2008 veeve use cycle_timer() for XHPROF_MODE_SAMPLED
03/27/2008 cjiang Add a 'hash-based' filter to reduce the number
of expensive call-stack tranversal on recursion
03/17/2008 kannan must not keep state on C stack to handle
exit (which causes _zend_bailout to longjmp
02/25/2008 kannan add xhprof_flags to toggle various metric
collections (buitins on/off, cpu metric on/off
memory stats on/off)
02/14/2008 cjiang Use cycle_timer based on 'rdtsc' instruction
on x86 machines to replace gettimeofday. rdtsc
is extremely cheap compared with gettimeofday
or getrusage.
12/06/2007 veeve bump version 1.1.2,
added hp_global_t
added mode callbacks, made modes extensible
added sampler mode
12/05/2007 veeve added doc; house cleaning
11/28/2007 kannan split include accounting into load/run_init
11/09/2007 kannan memory usage profiling
10/27/2007 kannan handle recursive calls, "include" operations
10/20/2007 kannan add hierarchical profiling; incl vs. exclusive
function times; browser based UI; diff and
aggregation support
10/10/2007 hzhao creation (flat function profiles)
Haiping Zhao
Kannan Muthukkaruppan
Venkat Venkataramani
Changhao Jiang