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Recurrent Filter Learning for Visual Tracking

This is the implementation of our RFL tracker published in ICCV2017 workshop on VOT. Our code is written in python3(3.5) using Tensorflow(>=1.2) toolbox

For easy comparison, we upload our OTB100 results files to the main directory ./


You use our pretrained model to test our tracker first.

  1. Download the model from the link:
  2. Put the model into directory ./output/models
  3. Run python3 in directory ./tracking


  1. Download the ILSRVC data from the official website and set proper paths for ISLVRC and their tfrecords in
  2. Then run the in ./data_preprocssing directory to convert ILSVRC data to tfrecords.
  3. Run python3 to train the model.

If you find the code is helpful, please cite

    author = {Yang, Tianyu and Chan, Antoni B.},
    booktitle = {ICCV Workshop on VOT},
    title = {Recurrent Filter Learning for Visual Tracking},
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    year = {2017}