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Scripts and tools that are not part of the robovision library that you install from PyPI. These are useful as a basis for your actual scripts for FRC vision tasks.

Measure camera / lens parameters automatically, creating a pickled object that can be later used to remove lens distortions from captured images. See the auto calibration doc for more info.

Determine the 5 most common colors (in both RGB and HSV spaces) in an image within the region selected by the user. Run python3 -h for basic usage info.

Determine the camera's perceived focal length, which is needed to calculate the distance to objects in captured images. See for more information.

Using the perceived focal length determined with, measure the distances to a reference retroreflective tape. See for more information.

Quick script for testing access to the Jetson development board's camera, a USB camera, or an IP camera.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2018, Tim Poulsen, All rights reserved.

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