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Separate tests into their own system.

This removes the dependency on fiveam from the primary system and means we don't load the tests if we're not using them.

This does NOT change how tests are run. `(asdf:test-system :cl-oauth)` still works.
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commit 4f676451242aac41c4f08b10889660b3ad84d575 1 parent d5d1774
@sellout sellout authored
Showing with 19 additions and 16 deletions.
  1. +19 −16 cl-oauth.asd
35 cl-oauth.asd
@@ -41,26 +41,29 @@
(:file "service-provider"
:depends-on ("tokens" "parameters"
- :depends-on ("package" "util"))))
- (:module "test"
- :components ((:file "package")
- (:module "core"
- :components ((:file "request-adapter")
- (:file "parameters"
- :depends-on ("request-adapter"))
- (:file "signature"
- :depends-on ("request-adapter"))
- (:file "tokens")
- (:file "service-provider"
- :depends-on ("request-adapter")))
- :depends-on ("package")))
- :depends-on ("src")))
+ :depends-on ("package" "util")))))
:depends-on (:ironclad :cl-base64 :babel
:alexandria :anaphora :f-underscore :split-sequence
- :fiveam
:puri :hunchentoot)
- :in-order-to ((asdf:test-op (load-op "cl-oauth"))))
+ :in-order-to ((test-op (load-op cl-oauth.tests))))
+(defmethod operation-done-p ((op test-op) (c (eql (find-system :cl-oauth))))
+ (values nil))
+(defsystem :cl-oauth.tests
+ :depends-on (:fiveam :cl-oauth)
+ :pathname "test/"
+ :components ((:file "package")
+ (:module "core"
+ :components ((:file "request-adapter")
+ (:file "parameters"
+ :depends-on ("request-adapter"))
+ (:file "signature"
+ :depends-on ("request-adapter"))
+ (:file "tokens")
+ (:file "service-provider"
+ :depends-on ("request-adapter")))
+ :depends-on ("package"))))
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