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;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: ANSI-Common-Lisp; Base: 10 -*-
;; See the file LICENCE for licence information.
;; Defines a special backend type which specializes various methods
;; in plumbing.lisp to make it nice and easy to
;; resolve possible circularities in objects.
;; Most of the work is done using the resolving-object
;; macro which knows how to handle an object which
;; is a referrer to a previously restored value.
;; Backends wanting to make use of this should take
;; a look at default-backend.lisp and xml-backend.lisp
;; paying special attention to the defbackend form and the
;; defrestore definitions for cons, array, simple-vector
;; array and hash-table.
;; As a note this will ignore integers, symbols or characters
;; as referrer values. It will handle all other EQ number although
;; software depending on eq numbers are not conforming
;; programs according to the Hyperspec(notes in EQ).
(in-package :cl-store)
(defvar *check-for-circs* t)
(defstruct delay
value (completed nil))
(defmacro delay (&rest body)
`(make-delay :value #'(lambda () ,@body)))
(defun force (delay)
(unless (delay-completed delay)
(setf (delay-value delay) (funcall (the function (delay-value delay)))
(delay-completed delay) t))
(delay-value delay))
;; The definitions for setting and setting-hash sits in resolving-object.
(defmacro setting (place get)
"Resolve the possible referring object retrieved by GET and
set it into PLACE. Only usable within a resolving-object form."
(declare (ignore place get))
#+ecl nil
#-ecl (error "setting can only be used inside a resolving-object form."))
(defmacro setting-hash (getting-key getting-value)
"Insert the value retrieved by GETTING-VALUE with the key
retrieved by GETTING-KEY, resolving possible circularities.
Only usable within a resolving-object form."
(declare (ignore getting-key getting-value))
#+ecl nil
#-ecl (error "setting-hash can only be used inside a resolving-object form."))
(defmacro resolving-object ((var create) &body body)
"Execute body attempting to resolve circularities found in
form CREATE."
(with-gensyms (value key)
`(macrolet ((setting (place getting)
`(let ((,',value ,getting))
(if (referrer-p ,',value)
(if *check-for-circs*
(push (delay (setf ,place
(referred-value ,',value
(restore-error "Found a circular values with *check-for-circs* = nil"))
(setf ,place ,',value))))
(setting-hash (getting-key getting-place)
`(let ((,',key ,getting-key))
(if (referrer-p ,',key)
(let ((,',value ,getting-place))
(unless *check-for-circs*
(restore-error "Found a circular values with *check-for-circs* = nil"))
(push (delay (setf (gethash (referred-value ,',key *restored-values*)
(if (referrer-p ,',value)
(referred-value ,',value *restored-values*)
(setting (gethash ,',key ,',var) ,getting-place)))))
(let ((,var ,create))
(defstruct referrer val)
(defun referred-value (referrer hash)
"Return the value REFERRER is meant to be by looking in HASH."
(gethash (referrer-val referrer)
(defclass resolving-backend (backend)
(:documentation "A backend which does the setup for resolving circularities."))
(declaim (type (or fixnum null) *stored-counter*))
(defvar *stored-counter*)
(defvar *stored-values*)
(defvar *store-hash-size* 50)
(defvar *grouped-store-hash*)
(defvar *grouped-restore-hash*)
(defun create-serialize-hash (&key (size *store-hash-size*))
(make-hash-table :test #'eql :size size))
(defmacro with-serialization-unit ((&key store-hash restore-hash)
&body body)
"Executes body in a single serialization unit allowing various internal data
structures to be reused.
The keys store-hash and restore-hash are expected to be either nil or
hash-tables as produced by the function create-serialize-hash."
`(let ((*grouped-store-hash* (or ,store-hash (create-serialize-hash)))
(*grouped-restore-hash* (or ,restore-hash (create-serialize-hash))))
(defun get-store-hash ()
(when *check-for-circs*
(if (boundp '*grouped-store-hash*)
(clrhash *grouped-store-hash*)
(defun get-restore-hash ()
(when *check-for-circs*
(if (boundp '*grouped-restore-hash*)
(clrhash *grouped-restore-hash*)
(defmethod backend-store :around ((backend resolving-backend) (place t) (obj t))
(defmethod backend-store ((backend resolving-backend) (place stream) (obj t))
"Store OBJ into PLACE. Does the setup for counters and seen values."
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1) (debug 0)))
(let ((*stored-counter* 0)
(*stored-values* (get-store-hash)))
(store-backend-code backend place)
(backend-store-object backend obj place)
(defun seen (obj)
"Has this object already been stored?"
(declare (optimize speed (safety 0) (debug 0)))
(incf *stored-counter*)
(gethash obj *stored-values*))
(defun update-seen (obj)
"Register OBJ as having been stored."
(declare (optimize speed (safety 0) (debug 0)))
(setf (gethash obj *stored-values*) *stored-counter*)
(deftype not-circ ()
"Type grouping integers and characters, which we
don't bother to check if they have been stored before"
'(or integer character (member t nil)))
(defun needs-checkp (obj)
"Do we need to check if this object has been stored before?"
(not (typep obj 'not-circ)))
(defgeneric store-referrer (backend obj place)
(:documentation "Store the number OBJ into PLACE as a referrer for BACKEND.")
(:method ((backend resolving-backend) (obj t) (place t))
(store-error "store-referrer must be specialized for backend ~(~A~)."
(name backend))))
(defun get-ref (obj)
(declare (optimize speed (safety 0) (debug 0)))
(if (needs-checkp obj)
(multiple-value-bind (val win) (seen obj)
(if (or val win)
(update-seen obj)))
(defmethod backend-store-object ((backend resolving-backend) (obj t) (place t))
"Store object if we have not seen this object before, otherwise retrieve
the referrer object for it and store that using store-referrer."
(aif (and *check-for-circs* (get-ref obj))
(store-referrer backend it place)
(internal-store-object backend obj place)))
;; Restoration.
(declaim (type (or fixnum null) *restore-counter*))
(defvar *restore-counter*)
(defvar *need-to-fix*)
(defvar *restored-values*)
(defvar *restore-hash-size* 50)
(defmethod backend-restore ((backend resolving-backend) (place stream))
"Restore an object from PLACE using BACKEND. Does the setup for
various variables used by resolving-object."
(let ((*restore-counter* 0)
(*need-to-fix* nil)
(*restored-values* (get-restore-hash)))
(check-magic-number backend place)
(backend-restore-object backend place)
(dolist (fn *need-to-fix*)
(force fn)))))
(defun update-restored (spot val)
(declare (optimize speed (safety 0) (debug 0)))
(setf (gethash spot *restored-values*) val))
(defun handle-normal (backend reader place)
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1) (debug 0)))
(let ((spot (incf *restore-counter*))
(vals (new-val (internal-restore-object backend reader place))))
(update-restored spot vals)
(defgeneric referrerp (backend reader)
(:method ((backend t) (reader t))
(error "referrerp must be specialized for backend ~A." (name backend))))
(defun handle-restore (place backend)
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1) (debug 0)))
(let ((reader (get-next-reader backend place)))
(declare (type symbol reader))
(cond ((referrerp backend reader)
(incf *restore-counter*)
(new-val (internal-restore-object backend reader place)))
((not (int-or-char-p backend reader))
(handle-normal backend reader place))
(t (new-val (internal-restore-object backend reader place))))))
(defmethod backend-restore-object ((backend resolving-backend) (place t))
"Retrieve a object from PLACE, does housekeeping for circularity fixing."
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1) (debug 0)))
(if *check-for-circs*
(handle-restore place backend)
; This used to be called int-sym-or-char-p
; but was renamed to handle eq symbols (gensym's mainly).
; The basic concept is that we don't bother
; checking for circularities with integers or
; characters since these aren't gauranteed to be eq
; even if they are the same object.
; (notes for eq in CLHS).
(defgeneric int-or-char-p (backend fn)
(:method ((backend backend) (fn symbol))
"Is function FN registered to restore an integer or character in BACKEND."
(member fn '(integer character))))
(defun new-val (val)
"Tries to get a referred value to reduce unnecessary cirularity fixing."
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1) (debug 0)))
(if (referrer-p val)
(multiple-value-bind (new-val win) (referred-value val *restored-values*)
(if (or new-val win)
;; EOF
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