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1 parent 48ac69c commit f42e5ed5873516b68bbafde79844396f94492f92 sross committed Nov 19, 2007
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  2. +4 −1 default-backend.lisp
  3. +2 −3 utils.lisp
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ CLISP, ECL and AllegroCL are supported.")
:name "CL-STORE"
:author "Sean Ross <>"
:maintainer "Sean Ross <>"
- :version "0.8"
+ :version "0.8.1"
:description "Serialization package"
:long-description "Portable CL Package to serialize data"
:licence "MIT"
@@ -348,14 +348,17 @@
;; pathnames
(defstore-cl-store (obj pathname stream)
(output-type-code +pathname-code+ stream)
+ (store-object #-sbcl (pathname-host obj)
+ #+sbcl (host-namestring obj) stream)
(store-object (pathname-device obj) stream)
(store-object (pathname-directory obj) stream)
(store-object (pathname-name obj) stream)
(store-object (pathname-type obj) stream)
(store-object (pathname-version obj) stream))
(defrestore-cl-store (pathname stream)
- (make-pathname
+ (make-pathname
+ :host (restore-object stream)
:device (restore-object stream)
:directory (restore-object stream)
:name (restore-object stream)
@@ -47,14 +47,13 @@
; Generify get-slot-details for customization (from Thomas Stenhaug)
(defgeneric get-slot-details (slot-definition)
(declare (optimize speed))
"Return a list of slot details which can be used
as an argument to ensure-class")
- (:method ((slot-definition #+(or ecl (and clisp (not mop))) t
- #-(or ecl (and clisp (not mop))) slot-definition))
+ (:method ((slot-definition #+(or ecl abcl (and clisp (not mop))) t
+ #-(or ecl abcl (and clisp (not mop))) slot-definition))
(list :name (slot-definition-name slot-definition)
:allocation (slot-definition-allocation slot-definition)
:initargs (slot-definition-initargs slot-definition)

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